We are fortunate to have shared our thinking and to have worked with some amazing contributors on a white paper considering the future of UK digital healthcare. Tech4cv19 is a volunteer-led community helping bring the right technology solutions to health and social care during a time of rapid change and increased pressure. Crafted over a three-month period, the project was led by Steve Gardner of The World Healthcare Journal (WHJ) in collaboration with the Public Policy Projects. It reaffirms the UK having one of the most innovative and vibrant digital health sectors in the world. It also evidences the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic will change the way in which we deliver healthcare forever, shifting the focus from physical settings, infrastructure, hospitals and clinics to the delivery of healthcare through digital.


“Two dozen or more hours of web meetings drafting policy papers is not normally something looked back on positively, but the detailed, innovative and energetic discussion that produced this document was an exhilarating experience of possibilities. This paper sets out a series of focused recommendations for the next phase of digital healthcare and if these are pursued good things will happen.” – Simon Swift, MD of Methods Analytics.