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Empowering data-driven government.

Central and local government organisations are responsible for collecting, processing, analysing and deploying vast quantities of the most sensitive data across the country. Improvements in the use of this data can provide vital insight for decision-makers, improve public services, generate significant savings, and much more. 

Ambition and practical delivery must work hand in hand, and transparency is key to earning the public’s trust in how their sensitive data is used.  We’re dedicated to helping transform government organisations to improve outcomes and deliver better services that put citizens at their heart. Balancing technical breakthroughs and emerging technologies with transparency and compliance is a delicate exercise. When we succeed, society benefits

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What we’re focused on

Helping you get your data foundations right

Central and local government holds vast quantities of some of the most interesting and sensitive personal and unstructured data. Often locked in legacy systems, with inconsistent formats and no common data quality (or metadata) standards, it can, however, feel impossible to extract its value. It is therefore no surprise that the National Data Strategy focuses so heavily on the need to improve data foundations across government and the public sector.  

We can help. We tailor our flexible data governance framework to your organisational vision and goals; or help you define that vision from a data strategy viewpoint if that’s a gap. We use our deep expertise of both the legislative framework and Cabinet office guidelines to help you map your information assets and fully understand your data estate, ensuring you have compliant policies, information asset registers and/or ROPAs in place. 

To fully embed improvements in data foundations we work with you to put in place the people, processes and tools which will drive the cultural change needed for an organisation to be truly data enabled. 

Embedding practical data ethics

We use our expertise and practical experience to develop ethical frameworks and governance structures to ensure the right people are asking the right questions at the right times. Working closely with compliance and governance workstreams, we can help you move beyond the “Can we?” to the “Should we?” discussions, guarding against unintended consequences as your analysis becomes more complex. We are passionate about transparency and the need for government bodies to actively build public confidence and understanding in the way they handle the data entrusted to them. 

Improving data literacy and skills

Ensuring all UK public servants understand the opportunities and limitations of data in our increasingly data-driven society is no mean feat. We also have a national talent challenge, as the potential supply of data scientists from UK universities isn’t likely to be enough to fill the skills gap across both the public and private sector. Organisations will therefore have to be creative, and augment their hiring strategies by building capability in-house. 

We can assess the data skills required for your organisation, and the current levels, and design training and recruitment programmes to fill those gaps. We know how to build the teams required to improve organisational data capability – particularly teams of data scientists and analysts.