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Empowering data-driven government.

Central and local government organisations are responsible for collecting, processing, analysing and deploying vast quantities of the most sensitive data across the country. Making the most of this data through advanced data science and high-quality government data analytics is crucial to providing vital insight for decision-makers, helping them improve public services, generate significant savings and much more.

We work directly with government organisations and public sector bodies to support them in building their data science capability and analytical techniques, providing a comprehensive suite of data analytics, strategy support, platform architecture, data management, and quality & governance services tailored for the specific requirements of local and national government. We’re dedicated to helping transform government organisations through better data science, to improve outcomes and deliver better services that put citizens at their heart.

We understand that ambition and practical delivery must work hand in hand, and that transparency is key to earning the public’s trust in how their sensitive data is used. Balancing technical breakthroughs and emerging technologies with transparency and compliance is a delicate exercise - but when we succeed, society benefits.

To learn more about our data solutions for government organisations, get in touch with us today. We will advise you on how to unlock the full capabilities of your organisation's datasets through state-of-the-art data analysis and infrastructure support.

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What we’re focused on

Our government data solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of government data solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of local government, central government and other public sector organisations. Our services span the entire data lifecycle, from data management to visualisation and interpretation, including:

  • Data Foundations: We understand that the bedrock of any successful government data strategy is a solid foundation. We work in close collaboration with government organisations, gaining a deep understanding of your specific goals, challenges, and the nature of your data. With this knowledge, we craft a robust data strategy that aligns with your objectives, supports better decision-making and helps you navigate the complex landscape of government data management
  • Data Platforms: We specialise in designing and building data platforms that empower government agencies to link, enrich and explore their data. Our platforms are cloud-native and specifically optimised for the government sector, ensuring the performance, security and scalability of your data. This allows you to unlock the full potential of your data assets, driving efficiency and innovation
  • Data Science & AI: We believe that every dataset holds untold stories that can drive positive change. Our experienced team of data scientists is adept at unearthing these narratives, using advanced data analytics for government, including machine learning tools and predictive analytics. We help you maximise the potential of your data, transforming it into a powerful asset for change and improvement in government services
  • Analysis & Reporting: We don't just analyse data; we bring it to life. Our team of user researchers, designers and analysts work together to transform complex datasets into intuitive and actionable analysis. Using our sophisticated data visualisation methods, we deliver empowering business intelligence and reporting that can inform policy, improve service delivery, and enhance citizen outcomes. Our goal is to make data analytics a cornerstone of decision-making in government, driving transparency, accountability and public trust

Method Analytics has been delivering data services for the public sector since 2013, providing comprehensive data management support, backed up by our best-in-class tools, data insights and statistical methods. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a trusted data science partner in the public sector, specialising in crafting solutions for sensitive and dynamic government environments.

Regardless of your organisation's current level of data readiness, our seasoned team of government data experts is ready to step in and provide you with solutions for your specific pain points, equipping you with the data capabilities that every forward-looking public sector organisation needs. Our goal is to empower your organisation to leverage data in a way that drives efficiency, informs policy and, ultimately, results in better public services for all.

Our specialist focus areas

We provide data transformation for government bodies across various different application areas, working at both a local and national scale to ensure that these organisations have a future-proof approach to data science.

Here are some of our key focus areas for government data:

Modernising public sector data foundations
Central and local governments hold vast quantities of sensitive data, often locked in legacy systems with inconsistent formats and no common data quality (or metadata) standards, making it difficult to extract its value. The National Data Strategy focuses heavily on the need to improve data foundations across government and the public sector, and we can help with this.

We can tailor our flexible data governance framework to your organisational vision and goals, or help you define that vision from a data strategy viewpoint. Using our deep knowledge of both the legislative framework and Cabinet Office guidelines, we will help you map your information assets, fully understand your data estate, and ensure you have compliant policies, information asset registers and/or ROPAs in place; we will also work with you to put in place the people, processes and tools to drive the cultural change needed for an organisation to be truly data-enabled.

Embedding practical data ethics
We use our expertise and practical experience to develop ethical frameworks and governance structures to ensure the right people are asking the right questions at the right times. Working closely with compliance and governance workstreams, we can help you move beyond the “can we?” to the “should we?” discussions, guarding against unintended consequences as your analysis becomes more complex.

We are passionate about transparency and the need for government bodies to actively build public confidence and understanding in the way they handle the data entrusted to them.

Improving data literacy and skills
Ensuring all UK public servants understand the opportunities and limitations of data is vital, particularly at a time when government employers are experiencing a skills shortfall in terms of qualified data scientists. We help government organisations to build these capabilities in-house instead, assessing the data skills required against the current levels, before designing training and recruitment programmes to fill those gaps. We know how to build the teams required to improve organisational data capability - particularly teams of data scientists and analysts

What is the importance of data in government?

In the modern era, data has become a critical asset for all organisations, and government agencies are no exception. The importance of data in government cannot be overstated. It has the potential to transform the way government agencies operate, making them more efficient, effective and responsive to the needs of citizens.

Government agencies are currently facing a multitude of challenges in terms of data quality, efficiency and compliance, all of which can hinder their ability to deliver quality services and make informed decisions. Public bodies often deal with vast amounts of data and national statistics collected from various sources, and this data can be inconsistent, incomplete or outdated. Poor data quality can lead to inaccurate analysis, which can in turn lead to poor decision-making.

At the same time, these organisations are under pressure to deliver services to citizens more efficiently and cost-effectively, while complying with the strictest laws and regulations regarding data management, privacy and security. Non-compliance can result in penalties and damage to the agency's reputation, which means that any efforts to improve efficiency cannot come at the expense of due diligence and necessary processes.

It is impossible to achieve all of these objectives without a forward-thinking and holistic approach to data. Having better context leads to better decisions, and we are able to help public sector bodies to properly harness the vast quantities of data at their disposal to gain vital insights that will inform the decisions they make to overcome these challenges.

The benefits of better data analytics in government

The application of data analytics in government has the potential to bring about transformative benefits, impacting both local and national levels. By using improved data processing and the latest machine-learning methods, you can unlock the following benefits:

  • Reducing fraud: this is a significant issue for many government agencies, leading to substantial financial losses each year. Advanced analytics tools can identify patterns and anomalies in data that may indicate fraudulent activity. For instance, machine-learning algorithms can be trained to detect suspicious transactions or activities, allowing you to identify and investigate potential fraud cases quickly and accurately
  • Enhancing decision-making: data analytics provide accurate, timely and relevant data to support evidence-based decision-making. This can lead to more effective policies and strategies that better serve the needs of citizens. For instance, data analytics can provide insights into the effectiveness of different policies or programmes, allowing your decision-makers to identify what works and what doesn't, and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Making better use of resources: by analysing data, you can identify inefficiencies in your processes and find ways to improve. For instance, you might discover that certain tasks can be automated or that certain resources are being underutilised. By addressing these issues, you can improve efficiency and ensure that your budgets stretch as far as possible
  • Improving public services: ultimately, better government data analysis means better public services. By analysing data, you can identify areas where support is lacking or where demand is high, enabling you to allocate resources more effectively; additionally, predictive analytics can help you anticipate future needs and trends, allowing you to proactively adapt your services

Public sector organisations have a responsibility to modernise their methods and update their services to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We can help you to achieve continuous improvements in your approach to data, ensuring that you are able to deliver a forward-thinking service that meets the needs of citizens.

Getting ahead of the AI curve

AI is more than a technological advancement; it's a catalyst for change that is reshaping the way government agencies handle and interpret data. With the ability to perform tasks such as predictive modelling and natural language processing, AI is unlocking new avenues for government agencies to extract unparalleled insights from their data.

However, the integration of AI in government data analytics is not without its challenges. It requires a robust data foundation, advanced technical skills, and a deep understanding of the government sector. In particular, government agencies face higher ethical standards and scrutiny, especially when it comes to the use of AI. As public bodies, they are expected to lead the way in the smart and responsible use of AI for data analytics.

We aim to support government agencies in steering the direction of AI-enhanced data analytics. We design and construct AI-ready data platforms that are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the government sector. These platforms are cloud-native, ensuring optimal performance, robust security, and the ability to scale in line with your data needs.

AI has the potential to revolutionise the way government agencies interpret vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends through machine-learning algorithms that can sift through data to predict large-scale societal challenges and trends. This will enable government agencies to proactively respond and implement effective strategies.

Moreover, AI can automate routine tasks, allowing government professionals to focus their efforts on more complex and impactful tasks. For example, AI can streamline the process of data analysis, reducing the workload for data analysts and enhancing the speed and accuracy of their work.

We can guide you in harnessing the power of AI in a way that is ethical, responsible and effective, helping you to meet the high expectations placed on government agencies. With our expertise and experience, we can help you unlock the full potential of AI in your government data analytics, driving efficiency, innovation and improved public service delivery.

Our approach

When you partner with Methods Analytics, you're gaining a strategic ally with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and conditions of the government sector. Our team brings together best-in-class tools and software, a personalised approach, and expert-level knowledge to deliver a data transformation project tailored to your specific needs.

Here's what you can expect from a collaboration with us:

Shared vision and objectives
We start by working closely with you to determine what you want from your data transformation project. We will assess your current capabilities as a baseline, and develop a strategy that reflects your goals and preferred timescales. This collaborative approach ensures that our efforts are aligned with your strategic objectives from the outset.

Collaborative implementation
We don't just deliver a solution; we work alongside your existing team to implement and embed our new data platform within your existing structure. We offer a comprehensive migration service to transfer all your existing information to the new system. Additionally, we provide training sessions to ensure every member of your organisation can confidently use the new platform.

State-of-the-art tools
Our data services are powered by some of the most sophisticated tools available today. We utilise a range of platforms to provide the best data experience for your organisation, including:

  • AWS Athena
  • AWS Quicksight
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS-Powered Data Lakes
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Apache Spark™
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Services
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Synapse
  • Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Power BI
  • Python

Continuous monitoring and improvement
We will monitor the progress and results delivered by your data architecture over time, taking user feedback into account to refine your tools and processes, to make sure you are able to unlock sustained improvements in the long term.

We are passionate about transforming government services through the better use of data. Regardless of where you are in your existing data journey, our team of data solvers is ready to work with you to develop bespoke solutions that meet your unique needs and challenges.

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As one of the leading providers of data services for the government, we are committed to helping you realise the full benefits that a modernised data infrastructure can provide. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our national and local government data services.