Intelligent analytics

Methods Analytics help you to improve the use of one of your most valuable assets, your data and that of peers and competitors. We work to understand the questions you need to answer, investigate the available data to inform the questions and then transform data into easily accessible, intuitive, insightful evidence. This evidence can be used for identifying areas for improvement action, monitoring and assurance.

Individual Solutions

We create publicly available and subscription based web solutions and undertake selected consultancy engagements. Working with our existing customers we have created web platforms, dashboards and reporting solutions which enable evidence based decisions from board level to the front line. We provide ‘app’ and web-driven intelligence solutions with alerting and forecasting functionality to ensure you are the first to know what is important and changing about your organisation.

Insightful information

We believe in placing information at the fingertips of decision makers. By offering consulting and bespoke analysis we focus on the right number of metrics to allow our customers to turn their information into actionable intelligence. In order to help you interpret your information, we provide a carefully explained narrative which draws the ‘must see’ elements to the reader’s attention.

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