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Prepare for the Future

The role of defence is changing in an ever more interconnected world. We face an ever-growing level of cyber and information aggression, a rapid development in the real-world capabilities of AI, and a paradigm shift in the arena of battle into the virtual world. 

We believe defence has a huge advantage as one of the few sectors in which decision-making is taught. We enable defence organisations to build on that advantage, helping them augment existing processes with better data and more insightful analysis. We help breakdown data silos, scale-up data science capabilities, and deliver ethical AI into the hands of those who need it.

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What we’re focused on

Practical AI

Defence is often overwhelmed with data and under-served with information, though the barrier to the use of Data Science and AI is often much lower than thought. Our expertise in information governance and AI ethics ensures your projects can be robustly evaluated against all relevant standards. Methods Analytics specialise in helping Defence clients establish internal data science teams, develop robust pilot initiatives and take these programmes through to unlocking the latent value of their data estate. Regardless of the size of the challenge, from suitability assessment to AI enabled digital services, our multi-disciplinary teams can use their skills in predictive modelling, natural language processing, computer vision, classification and cyber response, to put the right information in the hands of decision-makers.

Data Foundations & the Data Strategy for Defence

The key challenge defence faces starts at the basic level, ensuring “data is curated, integrated and human and machine ready for exploitation”. Our knowledge of data and information governance, data quality, data architecture and data strategy as well as the practical realities of effective data exploitation help us work with you to establish the processes and tools needed to meet the targets established by the Data Strategy for Defence.

Digital Transformation in Defence

Through our extensive experience in Defence and elsewhere in central government, Methods Analytics can bring our user-focused and design-thinking to bear on data and digital transformation. Our experience with GDS and Defence standards ensures we are able to deliver compliant, collaborative, agile programmes that deliver real benefit. We combine modern user research and service design techniques with deep technical expertise and a grounding in Defence that acknowledges the unique complexities of the development environment. From upskilling internal teams on user-centred-design through robust data foundations and re-architecture to experimental data exploitation work, our team ensures your transformation delivers.