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We specialise in building secure, performant and AI-ready cloud data platforms for the public sector.

Our team understand your context, your use cases and crucially your constraints, so we focus on building only what you really need and building it efficiently. We have the practical experience to work through the complexity of your legacy data estate, the nuance of your user requirements and a deep understanding of the specialist governance considerations for particularly sensitive data. Taking you from design through to development, migration through to deployment, our collaborative approach will give your team practical experience to get the most out your data platform from the start.

Tools of specialty

Azure data services

Azure data services give you a set of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases that automate tasks like configuring and managing high availability, disaster recovery, backups, and data replication across regions, saving you time and money.

Azure Data Factory

Integrate all of your data with Azure Data Factory – a fully managed, serverless data integration service.

AWS-powered data lakes

AWS-powered data lakes, supported by the unmatched availability of Amazon S3 and Redshift, can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different data and analytics approaches. Build and store your data lakes on AWS to gain deeper insights than with traditional data silos and data warehouses allow.

AWS Redshift

Accelerate your time to insights with fast, easy, and secure cloud data warehousing at scale using AWS Redshift.

Our approach

  1. Discover: Your modern data platform should be the brain of your organisation, ready to learn the context of the world around you and help you make better decisions.

    Our expert architects and engineers will start building this context by working with your data and information asset owners, documenting your systems, rigorously cataloguing each entity and mapping the data flows into, out of, and within your organisation. Our user researchers will talk to your users, your teams and your executives, capturing use cases for the platform which will help you prioritise your development roadmap.

  2. Design: We believe that the secrets of a successful data platform design are reducing complexity, utilising existing best-practice and continuously validating that we are meeting a user need.
    Complexity can be reduced by creating simple repeatable processes. This starts with the design process itself. We’ll create design tasks that are easy to understand, simple to track, and contain clear instructions for taking them off the page and into build.
  3. Develop:  Whether you're getting started on your journey to the cloud, you've just begun implementing Agile into your organisation, or have well-established DevOps teams, we'll integrate with your processes and build your platform at a pace that works for you.

    We’ve designed your platform for the AI-ready future of data, so we build for the long term. This means loosely coupled, best of breed data capabilities, with each engineered to be independently scaled or replaced, making maintenance automated and simple. We’ll build interfaces to be easily managed and readily extended, meaning your team can quickly ingest data from new sources as they become available.

  4. Migrate: To start using your new data platform to make better decisions, you’ll need some data, some users and some integrations. We offer a comprehensive migration service to get you up and running.

    Our experienced team will migrate your historic data into your new platform and we’ll make sure it’s modelled to enable your new capabilities to extract maximum value. We'll ensure your data is handled as if it were our own throughout, in compliance with your policies and in adherence with your governance regime. We’ll onboard your users and work with your other suppliers and partners, to bring them on board. Together we’ll start rationalising your legacy data services system-by-system and begin realising savings for your organisation.

Optimise your data warehouse to gain faster insight to data, improve delivery times and reduce platform costs

As the volume and complexity of data increases within a data warehouse, it can become difficult to maintain service levels; alongside this, administration costs can increase. Addressing service levels through increased processing capacity can be costly for both on-premise and cloud environments and is often only a short term solution.
Our data warehouse health check service can help you:

  • Reduce data ingestion and processing times
  • Ensure database and data models are optimised for reporting and analytics
  • Review security and data retention to ensure adherence to GDPR and reduce administration
  • Revise access to data to deliver a better user experience

Gain more flexibility and enhance your analytics with a Data Lake.

Data Warehouses provide a repository of structured data enabling traditional reporting and analytics capabilities. As data capacities grow and the need to work with unstructured data increases, it can be difficult to ingest this data into your warehouse. We can help gain flexibility and build a platform for data science by delivering a Data Lake and optionally integrating it with your data warehouse.

The data lake provides an environment for ingestion and preparation of data whether it is structured data or unstructured data such as documents and images. Activities such as machine learning and data science can be undertaken directly on this raw data, giving the opportunity to identify new understanding about your business and customer base. Typically, we would integrate data warehouse into the Data Lake, ensuring that the Data Warehouse receives the output from the Data Lake and data consistency is maintained across the two data environments.

Case Studies

Positioning Data at the heart of Innovation - Swindon Borough Council (SBC)

The council employs over 2000 staff who work to prioritise improving infrastructure and housing to support a growing, low-carbon economy; offer education opportunities that lead to the right skills and the right jobs in the right places; ensure clean and safe streets; improve public spaces and local culture; and helps people to help themselves, while always protecting the most vulnerable children and adult. As part of its pledge to compete at the forefront of digital innovation with a commitment to using
technology for positive change, the council wanted to improve organisational data management enabling it to more effectively use its data, lower costs and support new services.

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Disposal Management - Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)

If an item becomes obsolete, no longer in use or isn’t working, it’s either disposed of or sent to storage. Across DE&S, there was no set process to monitor and manage the disposal risk of these items. It was only being done at team level, tracked over non-interfaced electronic systems, local spreadsheets and paper-based registers.

Systems could not be linked. Confidence in the disposal process could not be recorded or understood.

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