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Blogs, Employee Stories Unexpected benefits of running a hackathon July 5th 2022

Lead Data Scientist, Felicia Ziparo, shares her learnings from the recent Methods Analytics Hackathon.

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Blogs Spending Review: what to expect March 2nd 2022

Having spent more than a decade working at the centre of the civil service, I know more than most what the run up to a major fiscal event feels like. The names of these events keep changing: when I first started as a wide-eyed fast-streamer we were fixated on the autumn pre-budget report and the spring budget. Now we have the Spring Statement and Autumn Budget, which this year will be combined with a three-year Spending Review.

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Patient is happy as a faster, more complete, and more accurate response to the issues raised in their complaints Blogs Making sense of complaints – using AI to improve learning from patient complaints March 2nd 2022

Complaints to hospitals are increasingly common but are often dealt with inefficiently and lessons for the future aren’t learnt. AI can help with this. Dr. Tom Palser, Consultant Surgeon and clinical lead at Methods Analytics explores how.

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Blogs Hope and Health: using data to rebuild and recover February 24th 2022

The health and care sector and its workforce have endured two incredibly difficult years. As 2022 begins and the NHS begins to look to a “post pandemic world”, whatever that may mean, rebuilding and recovering from COVID-19 are obvious focusses. Technology will inevitably play a part, and the opportunity to use digital approaches to do more with the same, or even less, resource will doubtless be something that leaders embrace. Here are some predictions for the year ahead in health and care.

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