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Case Studies Stethoscope - The CCG February 24th 2022

The CCG was overloaded with datasets, spending a lot of time collating data from various sources for analysis. They required assistance in navigating the vast flows of data that the NHS generates and had a requirement to access this data through an online platform and automated reports, which could visualise benchmarked and predictive data for interpretation in a clearer way than their current and complex spreadsheets.

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Blogs Patient centred care needs patient centred planning February 24th 2022

Even in more socially aware times, we can fail to identify that people from the same background can have radically different views and needs. Greater insight into the communities that health bodies care for will be needed.

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Blogs Getting Comfortable with AI Ethics February 24th 2022

People can tend to get a little overwhelmed initially when you bring up the subject of “AI ethics”. The intersection of a complex branch of philosophy with a complex branch of technology and mathematics is not generally a crowd pleaser of a topic.

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Blogs Why pop health is more than data science in a fancy hat February 24th 2022

Population Health Management (PHM) is a term that has become common in healthcare circles in the last few years. At a high level this describes an approach that uses data science to shape care for groups or individual people based on their clinical risks.

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Blogs How to ensure a robust and viable product lifecycle February 24th 2022

Here are 9 things to consider, that will help you ensure a robust and viable product lifecycle

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Blogs Data: A New Direction February 16th 2022

Methods Analytics’ response to the DCMS  consultation on the future of the UK’S Data  Protection regime

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Image of the skyscraper  buildings Blogs Becoming a Data Driven Organisation February 16th 2022

The development and use of digital technologies in recent years has led to a growth in the volumes of data that is being collected, stored, and shared within organisations. Data now influences every part of our lives from recommendations to new TV shows or which adverts or friends we see content from first on social media.

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