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Employee Stories Beyond the flag: Giving support to those in need June 15th 2022

LGBTQ+ Charities and Support Groups by Evelyn Staniforth

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Employee Stories Launching My Career from a Placement Year May 31st 2022

James Holland shares how embracing diffrent opportunities has helped him contribute to society and develop a great career.

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Employee Stories Pushing Boundaries and Changing Lives May 31st 2022

Having a supportive mentor and a community that encourages learning helped Sara transition her career from adminstration to a UX/UI Designer .

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Press Release ALTEN announces the acquisition of Methods Group in the United Kingdom May 23rd 2022

ALTEN Group, the international Engineering and IT Services company, saw the Methods Group as a significant opportunity to reinforce its presence in the UK and complete its positioning in the Digital Services and IT market. 

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Blogs Spending Review: what to expect March 2nd 2022

Having spent more than a decade working at the centre of the civil service, I know more than most what the run up to a major fiscal event feels like. The names of these events keep changing: when I first started as a wide-eyed fast-streamer we were fixated on the autumn pre-budget report and the spring budget. Now we have the Spring Statement and Autumn Budget, which this year will be combined with a three-year Spending Review.

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Patient is happy as a faster, more complete, and more accurate response to the issues raised in their complaints Blogs Making sense of complaints – using AI to improve learning from patient complaints March 2nd 2022

Complaints to hospitals are increasingly common but are often dealt with inefficiently and lessons for the future aren’t learnt. AI can help with this. Dr. Tom Palser, Consultant Surgeon and clinical lead at Methods Analytics explores how.

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Blogs A More Digital Defence February 24th 2022

Defence has seen its world change as all areas have over the last two years, but it is fair to say that as a sector we were fairly badly prepared for a world of work that was fully remote. DDAT teams were working overtime to ensure that people could now do their jobs in a way not previously attempted and certainly on a scale that would have taken years to reach. I think this en-masse sheep-dip into remote and hybrid working will have huge benefits, diversifying the workforce and improving resilience.

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Blogs Data Leadership in difficult times February 24th 2022

Public servants have been at the heart of responding to the shocks of Brexit and a global pandemic, both of which followed far too hot on the heels of the 07/08 global financial crisis and the resulting years of austerity. There are some small glimmers that 2022 might offer just a little more capacity for strategic planning, rather than largely tactical responses.

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