June 6th 2023

Defence supply chain mapping tool provides vital intelligence.

Methods Analytics helps create pioneering defence supply chain mapping tool to provide vital intelligence.

Methods Analytics, along with other defence suppliers and industry partners, have joined forces with DE&S to create a ground-breaking supply chain management system within the Defence sector. The software has been built by the Supplier Management and Resilience Team (SM&RT) at DE&S.

Known as SCRIPT, this software revolutionizes supply chain management by integrating data from various external sources, suppliers, and internal information. It offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of the supply chain, encompassing crucial aspects such as a supplier’s financial health and its environmental and social governance (ESG). According to SM&RT team lead, Shaun Goodman, it is a tool “that will make supply chain resilience and analysis thorough. We now have a tool to illuminate the supply chain and answer questions we’ve never been able to previously”

Andy Start, Chief Executive at DE&S, said:

“Our role is to equip our armed forces with the edge to protect our nation. This new technology means that we have even greater supply chain visibility, insight and intelligence. We’ve worked across UK Defence to develop an integrated solution so that we can continuously monitor and scan for threats, risks and fragilities and be ready to respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges.”

The software facilitates the mapping of supply chain for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through prime contractors. In cases where risks and vulnerabilities are detected by the tool, proactive measures can be implemented before it has an impact on equipment availability. The software also offers valuable insights regarding the geographical location of suppliers and enables tracking of the social, economic, and environmental impact of the projects.

Methods Analytics specifically developed the innovative dashboard on which users engage with the mapping tool, where information can be filtered through different lenses.

Marc Tallentire, Engagement Director, Defence at Methods Analytics, said:

"We were delighted to be part of the team developing this toolset which has proven to deliver valuable insight into supply chain vulnerabilities and provides a mechanism to quickly spot where to focus efforts."

The work on the SCRIPT project is part of DE&S’ Management Information Strategy and Solution programme and was launched by DE&S at the Defence Procurement Research Technology at Exportability (DPRTE) event, in March.

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