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Decoration Element Decoration Element

Artificial Intelligence: Framework ID: RM6200

Automation Workplace: Framework ID: RM6173

Back Office Software: Framework ID: RM6194

Cloud and Technology Resourcing and Outcomes

Cyber Security Services 3: Framework ID: RM3764.3

Digital Outcomes & Specialists: Framework ID: RM1043.7

Digital Service Design and Data Analytics Framework for the London Borough of Hounslow

Digital Services Dynamic Purchasing System for OFGEM

Digital Services Framework IV

Digital Specialists and Programmes: Framework ID: RM6263

Digital Technology Services: Framework ID: SP-17-026

Dstl - R-Cloud (Version 4.0)

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) Consulting Services: Framework ID: 664_21

G-Cloud 12: Framework ID: RM1557.12

Health Systems Support

Information Management and Technology: Framework ID: DN412674

Internet of Things: Framework ID: SP-18-033

IT Recruitment Services Dynamic Purchasing System for Manchester Metropolitan University

Management Consultancy Services 3: Framework ID: RM6187

Manchester Metropolitan University - Innovation Products and Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Manchester Metropolitan University - IT Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Network Rail Dynamic Purchasing System

Non-Clinical Temporary & Fixed Term Staff: Framework ID: RM6160

Pension Protection Fund - Project Management and Support Resources

Software Design and Implementation Services: Framework ID: RM6193

Strategic HR Services: Framework ID: 3S

Technology Service 3: Framework ID: RM6100