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Optimise access and drive research, powered by advanced analytics and Real World Evidence.

Methods Analytics provide key insight into the healthcare ecosystem powered by Real World Data and advanced analytics to support your marketing/access strategy and power your health economic outcomes research.

Real World data + Healthcare expertise = Real World Evidence

Methods Analytics utilise Real World data and unparalleled insight into the Healthcare landscape to create real world evidence from primary, secondary and tertiary settings of care. We have access to the largest and highest quality source of healthcare real world evidence in the United Kingdom. This includes longitudional and linked data assets and insight into the constantly evolving NHS landscape.

Providing a holistic view of impact and burden across the health economy

Linking data assets from different settings of care allows us to look at the care pathway and disease burden from a holistic view.
Indetifying the burden beyond healthcare metrics traditionally considered allows us to demonstrate the true burden of a disease and the real impact of treatment.

The quality of the data allows faster approvals and optimized access strategies along with quantifying the true impact of change.


Create Value beyond the product solutions to drive access

There is a need for lifescience to prove 'value beyond the product' in order create a more sustainable healthcare system, but what is not always apparent is that this requires a bigger change within how organisations operate due to the need to understand the complexities of the Healthcare system as complicated as the NHS.

'Methods Analytics helped us to focus on one major opportunity, and through research and analysis of data have proven staggering benefits to the NHS through implementation of our device'

Julian Holmes CEO Sanandco

Methods Analytics create Value beyond the product solutions to help address the perceived mismatch between a cost of a product and the value it is bringing to the NHS at a local and a national level.

Predictive analytics

We carry out analytics and build models that help us to identify patient cohorts and sites that are at risk of an event.

These models allow us to create tools that provide insight and support targeted therapy for high cost inventions by identifying who is most likely to be amenable to a specified intervention so we can identify those where it is effective to intervene.

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