Information Services

About the service

The Information Services team provides our clients, development teams and your users with ongoing, high quality managed services post ‘Go-Live’.

We understand that to deliver real change from any data strategy you must realise ongoing value from any analytical outputs. Our team work to support your projects and users as they implement and embed analysis. We ensure users have access to high quality, friendly support who can assist with simple queries right through to complex root cause analysis. Product infrastructure is maintained, enhanced and secured against the latest cyber threats. Enhancements, ideas and bugs are captured and fed into the product backlog to keep the outputs of a high quality ongoing.

The Information Services (IS) team delivers a ‘user centric design’ approach to work with you and your stakeholders, defining the service and user requirements, then utilises technology and expertise to deliver a smooth handover from any development team into business as usual.

Things we love to provide you and your users with:

  • Process mapping, redesign and implementation
  • Help desk support
  • Project management
  • Analytical and technical support
  • Data gathering, hosting and presentation
  • Training and advice

Wondering if things could be running a little more smoothly?

Typically our IS team takes products and services that our Analytics or Digital teams have created and delivers the ongoing managed service.

We can take on existing or new requirements and we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch if you have an idea that you’d like to discuss – perhaps you have some novel analysis that you’re stuck on how to bring to life for your audience, maybe you need to collect large and complex data from disparate users and publish it to other systems – no matter what the size, budget, user base or use case, we are always keen to help you refine and develop your ideas and thinking.


Simon McInerney | Head of Information Services

Simon has a PhD in Mathmatics and experience in leading technical managed service projects across MoD, Cabinet Office, Home Office, and the NHS as well as private sector organisations.