About the service

The Digital team at Methods Analytics design and build engaging, data-centric solutions that support our users and clients in fulfilling their data strategies.

We are a team of developers, product owners, testers and all round Agile enthusiasts. We work together in multi-disciplinary teams, to take your idea from Discovery, through to Live product with constant focus on the vision and user experience. We build intutitive and user-centric front-ends that allow users to easily explore complex data, utilising the best tools for the job but with a specialism in Ruby and Tableau.

Working with our Analytics and Infrastructure colleagues, we have delivered solutions ranging from standalone, very specific analysis via Tableau for a small team of clinical Consultants, through to data publishing platforms that are in use across the entire NHS – and everything in between. We love a challenge and our aim is always to build reusable, stable and secure products that engage users and enhance their ability to understand and take action upon the analysis provided.

Never done anything like this before?

Unsure if a Digital build is suitable, or whether your audience, organisation or finance colleagues are ready? Our product experts will help you all the way from a sketch in an old notepad through to specification and we provide fully transparent costing throughout the entire process. And when you’re live we can continue to support your growth through our Information Services team so you can focus on building up the next great idea.

Got an idea?

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch if you have an idea that you’d like to discuss? Perhaps you have some novel analysis that you’re stuck on how to bring to life for your audience. Maybe you need to collect large and complex data from disparate users and publish it to other systems. Or possibly you’ve had an idea for the next greatest innovation of data visualisation. – No matter what the size, budget, user base or use case, we are always keen to help you refine and develop your ideas and thinking.


Oliver Bailey | Head of Digital Services & Population Health

As Head of Digital Services & Population Health for Methods Analytics, Olly oversees a portfolio of client facing digital projects and solutions that deliver analytics and information to end-users. A key advocate for the uptake and rollout of Agile development within analytics, Olly is always keen to provide Agile coaching and mentorship to clients for […]