About the service

We are experts in the full spectrum of data science techniques and technologies, utlising our skills to enable clients to develop actionable insight and inform action.

Our team comprises technical architects, database developers, data scientists focussing on modelling and novel analysis techniques, domain specialist analyists and subject matter experts. We use our skills to move you to the place beyond data.

Our experience with AI techniques such as machine learning, neural networks is to use them judiciously, sometimes statistical approaches offer a clearer and quicker way to deliver meaning. Our deep understanding of a wide range of methodologies allows us to design the analytical solution that is the best fit for your requirement.

Where to start?

Clients approach us from many different starting points. Sometimes they have a problem and want us to apply analysis and find an answer. Sometimes they have data and want to know what it can tell them. Sometimes it’s assurance and validation of their own conclusions. Often the art is discovering the issue to be resolved and understanding and designing the solution with the client.

We start from any point in the process.


Richard Oakley | Head of Analytics

Richard leads our analytics service, an expert data scientist with deep healthcare knowledge.