How we do it

A conversation

Analysis can start with a problem to be solved, or data to be explored. It always starts with a conversation

This may be to understand the business in focus, the context and what actions or decisions the output of analysis will inform. We are experts at understanding how to apply analytical techniques to explore your issues and specialists in surfacing the outcomes of that analysis in simple, intuitive and beautiful solutions and products. More important than all the maths is the ability to support interpretation, as this is the magic that transforms information into actionable intelligence.

We have deep domain expertise across healthcare, lifesciences, police, defence and education and understand how data can be used to improve services and solve problems.

Agile Development

Methods Analytics is an experienced practitioner of the Agile methodology with senior managers, clinicians and other data-centric stakeholders and we have adapted the Agile development process for effective use in the analytics sector.

All our development is based on Agile principles, that allow us to produce useable, more appropriate and user-centred products in shorter timeframes than traditional, Waterfall development. Our Agile process allows us to compress the time to deliver new functionality and capabilities, increase user engagement and be responsive to changing requirements.

The overall process can be simply visualised below:

How does it work?

Our projects are run by a dedicated Delivery Manager, with the work chunked up into Sprints; normally 1 or 2 weeks of development time. We generally start at Sprint-0 which will be focussed on drawing up a specification, design wireframes and understanding user requirements and non-functional requirements (e.g. how long should a data refresh take, what security requirements are there etc). This will require input from the client and hopefully end-users, where appropriate and feasible.

We will begin each sprint with a Sprint Planning session, where we will agree the work to be undertaken that sprint and discuss/demo the outputs of the previous sprint. If there are any alterations required to the work at this early stage, we can course correct in the sprint planning and ensure any changes are picked up quickly. We will require input from the client to these sprint planning sessions, either in person or over webex.

Throughout these Sprints we will run daily Stand-ups internally to understand any issues arising and describe the work to be undertaken that day. We encourage our clients to join these and the Delivery Manager may request input for specific items, but we try to keep this to a minimum and utilise our experience to manage any issues.

At the end of each sprint we will ship the outputs to a test server, where users will be able to access and try out the new developments and feedback comments into the process.


Interested in Agile?

You can speak with our Team leads directly through their team pages below, discuss your idea with our product development team via the Contact Us form, or get in touch through our social channels.