Sanandco | MonitorMe product launch analysis

Client: Sanandco

Sector: Lifescience


Sanandco developed a device that monitors patient vitals easily without the need to enter any data manually. They wanted to understand how they can utilize data to demonstrate their value proposition along with identifying which disease population and patient demographics will maximize the value of the device.

Figure 1: The MonitorMe device allows the HCP to obtain real-time information around a patient’s vitals.


The device created by Sanandco provided a variety of opportunities and use cases. However, a successful launch of the product required focus. There was a need to create a data led approach to support market access and create a value story for the particular disease population. Our work would then feed into marketing activity and used in engagement with NHS stakeholders.


Develop a real-world data led strategy and value story to optimise the launch of the “MonitorMe” device.


Methods Analytics proposed to carry out the project in two phases. The discovery phase followed by an analytics and case study development Phase. We wanted to ensure that the value story for the device is aimed at disease population(s) that will allow them to tell the best value story to NHS stake holders backed by robust real-world evidence.



In the discovery phase of the project we conducted a workshop with the client where we explored the priority areas for use case that they are trying to make. This was designed to allow the future development of a detailed use case, demonstrating the story for the end-user and the quantifiable benefit.

We developed a scoring criteria around things such as the scope, scale of benefit and implement-ability. We used the scoring criteria to prioritize the use cases and identify those that required further exploration.  We used this methodology to agree the prioritized list of viable use and agreed that we will be able to achieve the most by concentrating on long term conditions and in particular COPD.

Figure 2: Estimated maximum costs of managing exacerbations of COPD in England (2017) based on NHS national tariff.

Analytics and Value Proposition development

We agreed create a value story around the use of the device focused on COPD as a condition cohort. The goal was to identify where we can use data to look at population size, healthcare activity and cost.

We utilized HES data to look at the current activity and burden of COPD patients on the Healthcare system and then demonstrated the impact of change using key leavers of healthcare such as admissions, bed days cost etc.

Figure 3: Cost per Patient per year, and with a single exacerbation of COPD

Using this information and the agreed methodology we created an online value proposition tool which allowed the market access teams to engage the CCG’s. The value story provided a hybrid approach which would start by demonstrating that according to the prevalence and incidence figures the number of patients treated in a particular area does not correlate with the actual patient numbers.

We created a value story which involved:

  • Understanding and define the population being targeted
  • Size the target population
  • Size the cost of current management approach
  • Size the scale of impact (range, min, mean and max)
  • Demonstrate the potential cost and quality impact, using natural currencies initially (admissions, bed days etc, £) and convert to cashable impact if possible
  • Quantify relevant qualitative impacts that support the story.

This analysis was used to create marketing content based around the current scenario and the improved outcomes if our client’s device was adopted.


The work carried out by Methods Analytics was pivotal to the launch and access strategy for the client. This lead to a successful launch of the product as the data led insight and a value story supported by Real World Data helped to rationalise the true impact of adoption.

“The opportunities for MonitorMe are almost bewildering. Methods Analytics helped us to focus on one major opportunity, and through research and analysis of data have proven staggering benefits to the NHS through implementation of our device”

Julian Holmes CEO Sanandco


Figure 4: The output included clear messages to stakeholders making a robust case for adoption

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