Lifescience | Value story dashboard for a CMA nutrition product

Product: Cows Milks Allergy Formula

Sector: Lifescience


Methods Analytics designed and developed tools and research required to execute a data driven market access strategy, successful engagement and continued growth in market share.


Our client (a nutritional supplement company) launched a competitive nutritional product in the Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) market. This was a market where they did not traditionally operate. They needed to carry out analysis into the size of the market, competition and which areas of the country required greater focus by their access teams. There was also a need to develop a value proposition-led access strategy and engagement tool to help communicate the product’s value proposition.


  • Understand the CMA nutrition market size
  • Competition analysis
  • Geographic variance
  • Optimise market access by creating a value story dashboard powered by real world data

Some of these components are standalone, while others build as the system develops. A system that learns from human ‘training’ is preferred, so that predictions improve with multiple human adjustments.


Methods Analytics worked with the client to look into the CMA market, including:

  • Market size perspective
  • Market share
  • Burden of CMA patients
  • Key areas of the country to focus resource

We carried out this analysis using a combination of primary/secondary care datasets, prescribing datasets and secondary research. This enabled us to develop a value story for the client which clearly showed the prevalence and incidence of the condition down to a local area, what the current patient population looks like, and what the current secondary care burden is for this group of patients. We were also able to show the client which brands are currently driving the market, down to a local level and identify opportunities.


Using the information we had gathered and the agreed methodology, we created an online value proposition tool which allowed the market access teams to engage the CCGs. The value story provided a hybrid approach, which demonstrated that (according to the prevalence and incidence figures) the number of patients treated in a particular area, did not correlate with the actual patient numbers.

The tool also showed how much these patients cost the CCG due to unplanned activity in secondary care. The tool allowed the user to compare scenarios to show the true impact of change and showed the CCG the value of switching from the competitor products.


The project allowed the client to execute an effective market access strategy in a competitive market with a number of established brands. The tool allowed them to provide value beyond the pill by helping CCG’s and practices to manage their patients better and educating them on how they can better manage patients in primary care and save on secondary care activity costs.

We have since developed the tool further to allow the teams to track the increase in market share on a monthly basis at a local and national level.

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